i've Got A lot of Problems! Yard Sign

It's A Festivus Miracle! Sign
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  • Item #: FESTSIGN-09

I've Got A Lot of Problems With You People! Now You're gonna Hear About Them!  

(A Simple But Colorful Yard sign - Features the Festivus Pole along the left side)

Share your Festivus Spirit (And Grievances) with your friends and neighbors with our Festivus Yard Signage.  This sign is perfect for decorating your lawn for Family Get-Togethers! Just be prepared for the Airing of Grievances, and the Feats of Strength!

The sign measures 24" x 16" Constructed of high quality coroplast, and weather resistant, the high quality full color design is printed on both sides. Each sign comes with a standard step-stake, that is very easy to use. 

Don't forget, Festivus is December 23rd! Get a leg up on the competition, and celebrate with style!

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