The Official Festivus Airing of Grievance Notes

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  • Item #: GRIEVANCE-12
This packet contains 12 pads of the Official Airing of Grievance Sticky Notes. (the same notes that ship with each Deskivus) This is a replacement Package for those that REALLY HAVA ALOT TO SAY. This package is designed as a Gift Pack - with 12 pads, there are plenty to share at your next Festivus Celebration. Also make Great Stocking Stuffers! Each pad contains 25 sheets which measure 3" x 4"; each sheet is imprinted with the text "Airing of Grievance Notes" (oh how you have disappointed me...)" as well as listing the Deskivus website and boasting a Deskivus Pole down the left side for FLAIR. Makes a Great Gift with or without a Deskivus Pole.
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