E4100 Septic Flow Simulator

E4100 Septic Flow Simulator
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  • Item #: E4100OPT1

Septic Flow Simulator kit illustrates a typical cross section of a conventional septic system. During operation, dye is introduced into the inlet pipe, filling the septic tank. Liquid lows out of the perforated pipe and into a gravel absorption field. There is a permanent "sludge" layer at the bottom of the septic tank. The red dye foaming agent creates the "scum" layer which floats on top of the septic tank. The baffles permit the liquid into the outlet pipe under normal operating conditions. There are 2 monitoring wells, one extends below the water table to draw from the unconfined aquifer (contaminated aquifer); the second well extends below the aquitard/clay layer into a confined aquifer (uncontaminated groundwater aquifer). Envision offers the most advanced visual simulators of groundwater flow available. Great for educators, students, watershed organizations, drinking water suppliers, geologists, engineers and other groups involved in training or educational outreach on groundwater issues. All of our simulators are constructed of high quality acrylic, and are intended for many years of use. Our simulators are designed to demonstrate a complete water cycle, by recycling the water via a pump mechanism through the simulator.

Features Include:
- 2 wells at different depths
- Recirculating Reservoir and Tank System
- Manual pumping mechanisms simulating high and low volume pumping wells
- AC/DC power supply
- Detailed instruction manual
- Red dye with foaming agent included in kit
- All pumps, tubing and dye included in kit ? Training DVD - includes instruction, detailed cleaning procedures, sample demonstration and general user tips

E4100OPT1 includes Septic Flow Simulator Kit and Foam Lined Cardboard Storage Box. Cardboard Storage Box will accommodate groundwater simulator and accessories. There is No Carry Case included in this kit.

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